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Our husbands have finally gone to work
Our kid's have finished their play
they've gone to bed.. their stories read
Whoohooo it's that time of day
It"s been one of those days
you know what I mean
so let's sit back and relax and turn on our screens.
We'll talk to our friends
they"ll know just what to say
to make all our stresses, and troubles fade away.
Our friends are always there for us whenever we feel blue
and though we've never met before I know our friendships true.
And although we haven't been friends for long in this short time it seems
we shared so many things already
our loves,our hopes, our fears, our dreams.
We come from different walks of life but we share a common bond
and it's time to say that of all of you I've grown so very fond.
So thank you friends for being there whenever I've needed you
I know you're always there for me
and you know I'm there for you.
A friend is one who walks in
When the rest of the world walks out

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