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old age is hell

Don't Kid Yourself  Friend
  Old Age is Hell
The body gets stiff
     You get cramps in your legs
Corns on your feet as big as hen eggs
Gas your stomach
Elimination is poor
Take Ex Lax at night
And then your not sure
You Soak in the tub or your body will smell
It's like I said folks
(Old age is Hell)
Your teeth start decaying
Your eye sight is poor
Hair falling out
All over the floor
Sex life is short
It's a thing of the past
Don't kid yourself friend
Even that doesn't last
Can't go to parties
Don't dance any more
Just to put things midly
You're a hell of a bore
Liquor is out
Can't take a chance
Your bladder is weak
Might pee in your pants
Nothing to plan for
Nothing to expect
Just the mailman comes
With you Security check Now be sure your affairs are in order
And your will is made out right
Or on the way to the graveyard
there will be a hell of a fight
You feel pretty good
You look fairly well
Thank God your alive
(Old age is Hell)

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