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"NO GREATER LOVE" When I think of you
I think of you in relation to my life....
or I think of my life in relation to you.
Either way, I suppose it's the same.
You influence decision I make,
and thing's I do.
And every dream I dream begins with you.
I can't imagine my life without you.
I want to live with you, to do for you,
to eat with you,
to sleep with you,
to laugh with you,
to cry with you,
to MAKE LOVE to you,
To love you.
If fate dictates that my dreams cannot be,
then instead of the whole cake,
I must accept the crumbs.
For loving you as I do....
having experienced you....
I can do nothing else.
Sharing just a small corner of your life
is far better than an existence void of your love.
For without you
the days would be without brilliance,
the nights without warmth,
my reason for being....
without purpose.
So I will accept what must be,
greatful for the part of you that you share with me.
And when I grow old,
whether or not my dreams become reality,
I will glow with my thoughts
and memories of you,
and a love greater than I ever thought possible.
And I will say, "I have loved....
with my mind,
my body,
my soul,
and I have been loved."
What more, after all,
does anyone have the right to ask?
I am fulfilled.

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