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*My Award*s

~Win My Award~.
If you would like to be
a winner of my award,
please read the following rules before applying:)

this award is for a site On women's Health Issue's......

This is A Award for site of excellence 2000

This is for a beautiful site.....

this award anyone can get, since I consider all of you my friend's.....


No adult material; If children can't view, you need not apply.

You must have some content, not just links to other sites.

No broken links and must be easy to navigate through your site.

Sign my guestbook would be appreciated but not necessary.

If you win, you must link the award back to my site.

And of course, I must like your site. Please be patient with me and give me a few days to reply.

Email me below with your request. Be sure and leave me your URL and email address. GOOD LUCK to all!

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