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    Have you ever loved somebody so much, It makes you cry?
Have you ever needed something so bad, You can't sleep at night?
Have you ever tried to find the words but they Don't come out right?
Have you ever?
Have you ever?
    I remember the last time I saw you...
Our picnic at our own "special place".
I remember your smile,
your laughter,
the feel of your lips on mine.
I remember your words of love...
I remember I didnt want you to go,
you didnt want to leave me alone.
I remember all of this...
Mostly tho, I remember You.
Us. I will never forget.
I will never love you less.
Love is the strongest and    most fulfilling emotion possible
It lets you share your life with someone
It lets you be yourself with someone    who will always support you
It lets you speak your innermost feelings    to someone who understands you
It lets you feel tenderness and warmth -    a wholeness that avoids loneliness
Love lets you feel complete
But in order to have a lasting love relationship    we must make a strong commitment    to each other and love
and we must do and feel everything    within our mind and body
   to make this commitment work
We must be honest To each other at all times and not hold any feelings back
We must accept each other the way we are    and not try to change each other
We must be free to grow as individuals    yet share our life as one
In order to have a lasting love relationship We must be together always in each other's hearts
We must be proud of each other and love    and not be ashamed to show our sensitive feelings
we must treat every day spent with each other    as special and not take each other    or our love for granted
We must spend time talking with each other
   every day and not be too busy with outside events
   that you are too tired for each other
We must understand each other's moods and    feelings
and not hurt each other intentionally
We must be passionate with each other often    and not get into boring patterns
We must continue to have fun and excitement    with each other and not be afraid to try new things
We must always work at love, and our relationship
   and not forget how important this relationship is
   or what you would feel like without it
Love is the strongest and most fulfilling emotion possible
If you commit yourself to love
love can last forever if you want it to and I do

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Author JUDI

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