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Frances AKS Navajo-girl. My cyber sis and very special to me...   

Mike AKS Milwrightmike. My cyber friend and navajo's love of her life...   


Sweet trish,and sweet she is... AKA SUGARCOOKIE37    

Lonna AKA Skunk37, Thanks Lonna for all the help. building this homepage....    

Cecilia- AKA cecilia6 and her daughter Crystal, and Son Jim Love Yah Guys   

This is Cecilia and Dan, Her new sweety..hugsssss to you two..   

This is Me FancyLadyRider.when i was a safety patrol for the forest preserves....on one of my horses....I know not a good picture(lol)   

Lynne AKA Lynnejaguar.see her praying that I learn how to spell. lol...Love yah sis   
This is Richie and Priscilla.It's there fault I started homepages in the first place.... lol...Love yah Guys.Look what a monster you turned me into..   

This is Stacy aka Iluval9.she is like a daughter to me.hugsss Stacy   

This is BEV AKA (AUNTB58).she is my new friend, what a sweet lady she is... 

This is Rhonda aka Hunny-Pot1964.she is my chat buddy and BBW40s friend, what a fun Gal.. she is... 

this is Louann aka Squeakynail.she is my chat buddy and BBW40s friend,come in sometime and meet here.... she is ALOT OF FUN...

This is My new friend barb.AKA Granny_bee on the web..she is my e-mail buddy, she is a sweety Gotta love her she is from Flordia... 

this is Fluke aka Catchoftheday.He is my chat buddy and BBW40s friend,come in sometime and meet him... 

this is Deb aka Mistyblue.SHe is my chat buddy and BBW40s and friend, hugssss.....Sje is a sweety.. 

This is Pattie. aka Pattipooh. she is my partner in you can usualy find us on the Riverboats in Indiana..I think her Nic should be Riverboat Queen..

Hope you enjoyed my photos and some of my friends. In case you didn't know,I have plenty of room for more,
so if you would like to be added, I would love to have you,
Please e-mail me your photo
There is so many of my special BBW40s friends...I would love to have all of you on

huggsss JUDI



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