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The Opening Pages:

Draac's Gifs 123 (New Home Page)
Draac's Gifs 123 (Main Page 1)

Animated Gifs:

More Of Draac's Gifs 123 (Page 2)
Draac's Gifs Just Keep On Coming (Page 3)
Draac's Gifs Are Endless (Page 4)
Draac's Gifs Are Too Much (Page 5)
Draac's Gifs Are On A Roll (Page 6)
Draac's Gifs Unplugged (Page 7)
Draac's Gifs Out Of Control (Page 8)
Draac's Farout Gifs (Page 9)
Draac's Gifs Gone Mad (Page 10)
Draac's Gifs Are On Fire (Page 11)
Draac's Gifs Are The Best (Page 12)
Draac's Gifs Come Out Smokin (Page 13)
Draac's Sorcery Gifs (Page 14)
Draac's Cartoon Land (Page 15)
Draac's Gifs Never End (Page 16)
Draac's Gifs Are Mounting Up (Page 17)
Draac's Holiday Madness (Page 18)
Draac's Gifs Are Awesome (Page 19)
Draac's Gifs Are Insane (Page 20)
Draac's Gifs Are Off The Wall (Page 21)
Draac's Gifs Forge On (Page 22)
Draac's Native American Gallery (Page 23)
Draac's Gifs Come Alive (Page 24)
Draac's Gifs Celebration (Page 25)
Draac's Spooky World (Page 26)
Draac's Web Page Gifs (Page 27)
Draac's Gifs In The Mist (Page 28)
Draac's Gifs2k - 2000 More Animated Gifs ! NEW


Draac's School Of HTML (Webtv Emails)
Draac's FAQ For HTML (Webtv Emails)
Draac's Table School (Examples)
Draac's First Frames School
Draac's Javascripts 123 (Examples)
How To Upload Video Captures (Webtv)
Draac's Copy & Paste For Webtv
The Transloader - Upload Your Images
Webtv Scrapbook Uploader
WtvJunkie's Color Chart

Draac.Com - Web Page Building And More
Now Get A FREE DraacMail Email Box !


Draac's Free Backgrounds (10 Pages, 231 Images)
Draac's Backs Part II (8 Pages, 196 Images)
Draac's Backs Part III (7 Pages 161 Images)


Draac's Wacky Wavs
Doctor Draac's Wild Wavs
Draac's Mucho Midis (Page 1)
Draac's Country/Jazz/Classical Midis (Page 2)
Draac's Punk Meets Ragtime Midis &
Popular Media Favorites
(Page 3)
Draac's Mad Dog Midis (Page 4)
Draac's Multi Midis (Page 5)